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Whether you are new to the property market, or an experienced landlord, there are ways for you to start on the right foot. The key to a good tenancy is finding the right tenant. That means providing a home in excellent condition (not just a house), and superior marketing to attract the right type of tenants you are looking for.  And, nothing beats a First Rate Letting Agent, who can manage the process for you.

Head over Heart

Its a business, so you need financial planning and a business plan. You may be a short term landlord moving away for a year or two. Its difficult to think of your home as a business, but that’s what it becomes. Key questions to ask yourself are “do I need to decorate before I rent it out or at the end of the tenancy?”, or “what jobs will I need to do when I come back?”  Make a list and projected costs.

If you are a long term landlord you will need a pot of money for emergency repairs, as well as a projected maintenance plan for regular decorating and flooring replacement. Depending on the age of fittings, factor in new bathrooms and kitchen

Choose your tenants carefully

Legislation means you cannot discriminate. Consider your target market. A property needs to be suitable for the number of people living in it. There is no point targeting families if you have a one bedroom property. If you provide a property in excellent condition, then a tenant will respect what you have done and look after it

Our marketing is based around high quality presentation with floorplans and professional photographs – which attracts so many enquiries from the ever busy portals such as Rightmove. Our experience means we want the most suitable tenants. Before viewings are arranged we use a pre-application process that means no-one wastes their time. Once there is an acceptable applicant we utilise a robust referencing process, giving you the opportunity, once completed, to either accept or reject the prospective tenant

Even though you are using us as your agent, our landlords remain in control of the process

Know the Law

Compliance and regulations are ever changing. That’s why our team is qualified with the Level Three Award in Residential Letting and Property Management from Industry leader Propertymark

The qualifications cover four important modules:-

Health and Safety, Security and General Law

Legal Aspects of Lettings and Management

Residential Property Letting Practice

Residential Property Management Practice

We are members of Propertymark ARLA, the industry’s leading professional body

Check in and on-boarding your tenants

For some tenants it’s the first time they have rented, for others, it’s the first time with us. The check in process enables both parties to spend some time inspecting the property and learning how things work. It also gives the tenants the confidence how to report any issues and read through the condition report, inventory and risk assessment, so that any questions can be asked. Our condition reports & inventories are recognised by the Deposit Protection Service, so that if there is any dispute at the end of the tenancy, we can accurately evidence the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy

Keep on top of maintenance

Be reactive and proactive. That’s what we do and recommend If you or we agree to do something, lets do it! We obtain quotes and time frames from the contractor and liaise with the tenants.

All contractors invoices are paid at the end of the month from rent charged. We make no mark up and all invoices are available on the landlord Portal.

Plan ahead. Our regular inspections highlight the condition of the property and areas that may need updating at the end of the tenancy. If flooring is become worn, or decorating showing its age, plan to initiate the necessary works at the end of the next tenancy

Communication and Commitment

We are approachable, offering a 24-7 emergency hotline. Our on-boarding process agrees how its best to communicate – whether it be via e-mail or telephone for all other matters.

Both our tenants and landlords have access to their portal via our website. All relevant information can be found here including safety certificates, inspections, maintenance issues, statements and invoices. We do offer a truly transparent service

Energy Efficient Homes

With the rising cost of living tenants are prioritising homes with EPC ratings of A, B or C. Heating and insulation are the two main areas where improvements can be made. We are available to discuss these areas with our domestic energy assessor and heating specialist

Embrace and Enjoy the Journey – surround yourself with the right expertise – Agent, Contractors, accountants and financial advisors

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