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My name is Mike Chapman. I am a “lifelong runner” and have dedicated my career (Inspire 4 Fitness) and free time to inspiring and encouraging as many people as I possibly can to take up running.

I passionately believe that EVERYONE could be fitter, feel stronger and look after themselves more and I am in no doubt that running is the best way to do this. It is an exercise that is so easily available to all! That if you do it right, and not get frustrated with getting started, then everyone and running can grow old together.

My experience with a healthy active running lifestyle has been awesome and I have taken this and trained many people to go on the same running fitness journey. From the obvious fitness, strength, and health benefits; through to the adventures, achievements and lifetime memories I have made with running and being active.

Most of us know all the reasons why it’s important to keep fit and healthy and we all know that running is good for this. What generally stops people from making running a lifestyle habit is the ‘EXCUSES’ are louder than the ‘GOAL’!

So today from reading this we are going to banish the excuses:

‘I haven’t got the time’ – you do not need to go on massive runs to get the benefits of running. When you are starting your fitness journey you can start with 20 minutes of running – with one minute running / one minute walking. Repeat this until you have done your 20 minutes. Fit this in 3 or 4 times a week you will soon be seeing the benefits.

‘It will hurt my knees’ – aches and pains are more painful due to inactivity than they are from the effort put into running. Running does not wear your knees out but doing nothing will 100% see a deterioration in your physical ability to complete tasks.

‘It costs too much’ – All you really need to get started is a nice pair of trainers and there are so many amazing places to get great deals on trainers now that this shouldn’t be a barrier to getting going.

The benefits of running are numerous and have so many amazing ‘knock on affects’ to other aspects of your life. Don’t let the excuses be louder than all the amazing benefits you can get from enjoying a run.

Mike Chapman

Personal Trainer and UKA Running Coach

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