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This year’s challenge is centred around trail running. My daughter Katie has been running for years and introduced me to the sport in 2019.

This year we have entered two Ultra Marathons, one on the Lake District and one in the Peak District. Obviously these challenges push your mind and body to the limit.

The first challenge is over the weekend of 10th and 11th of June, based in Kendal and running 100km anti-clockwise around Lake Windermere, not forgetting 2,500m of ascent.

The second challenge is on Saturday 8th July, based in Bakewell and running a 100km route in a figure of 8 passing Chatsworth House, through Tideswell the Cathedral of the Peak, Millers Dale and back to Bakewell before setting off on the southerly section through Lathkill Dale, along the Tissington Trail, and then heading back through Darley Bridge and Rowsley to Bakewell Showground for the finish.

Our chosen charity is Prostate Cancer UK. We want to raise awareness as its the most common cancer in men, and how with simple regular check-ups it can be treated at an early stage.

Let me introduce you to my good friend Richard who was diagnosed last year

This his personal message:

“Early diagnosis of any cancer is essential if treatment is to be successful. Bill Turnbull, the TV presenter, who I knew, nationally broadcast the fact that he had prostate cancer. He admitted he ignored certain physical problems including constant back / hip pain and thus delayed the diagnosis of the cancer which unfortunately was spreading. After five years of treatment and ‘“special therapies “ Bill sadly died. He devoted these five years to promoting awareness of this cancer. Some 50,000 men are diagnosed with this cancer annually!

” I had started to monitor my PSA ( PROSTRATE SPECIFIC ANTIGEN ). 12-18 months ago the graph took a fairly steep upward trajectory; my doctor suggested an examination – he felt the prostrate was not quite normal and sent me to the UROLOGY DEPARTMENT at Stockport for further examination – “ We shall take some samples from your prostrate!”  NOT TOO PLEASANT – BUT NEITHER IS HEARING ( perhaps) “ I AM AFRAID YOUR PROSTRATE CANCER HAS SPREAD !” ( The Consultant actually said “ I don’t think you have a problem!)” SURPRISE ! I did have prostate cancer! With swift treatment at the new CHRISTIE facility at Macclesfield – 20 shots of radiotherapy over four weeks, my PSA has reduced from 5 ( normally considered not a particularly high figure but the samples suggested a particularly aggressive cancer ) to a minute 0.02 !! CHRISTIES have 4 sites and the ability to perform over 500 treatments of various cancer’s DAILY – that is radiotherapy only; chemotherapy treatments are in addition to that !! ALL OF THIS COMES AT A HUGE DAILY COST! – RESEARCH IS EXTRA.

“Two suggestions if I may be so bold !! Malcolm and his daughter Katie are running two 100k Ultra marathons ( approximately 62 miles – the distance from WOODFORD ( my home ) to SKIPTON ( my wife’ s home) – well before I dragged her down here! Whenever I DRIVE that route – 1 hour 20 minutes ! I think of the enormity of Malcolm and Katie’s endeavour !! . OH ! – he’s done it before in 2022!! – finishing at nearly midnight ! – in support of the “ British Heart Foundation” SO PLEASE MAKE MALCOLM & KATIE’S 100 k COUNT – every kilometre !!! Please donate to Malcolm and Katie’s Just Giving Page in aid of Prostate Cancer   £5 , maybe £10 – a couple of quid or even £ 100 – that a gentleman I had not met before gave to the HEART FOUNDATION !!!! TREMENDOUS SPIRIT.

” AND FINALLY – never mind the discussions about “ the accuracy and relevance of the PSA  test or “wait and see if the symptoms get any worse! “ – paddle your own canoe,  plot your own course on PROSTATE CANCER ( most men of 80 years and over die WITH it – MAKE SURE  YOU DON’T DIE OF IT!!! “

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