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Now that our roles are 100% committed to Lettings and Property Management, we want to become better qualified and provide the best possible experience for our Landlords and Tenants alike

Michael and I want to be BEST qualified in our roles at Malcolms Lettings. Legislation and compliance have been fast changing over the last few years, and we take professional due diligence very seriously.

With several years experience, we are able to immediately study for the Level 3 Award. This normally takes about a year of study, but we have decided to take the fast track option and complete the course in just 4 months ( as long as Exam centres re-open!)

The course consists on 4 units

Unit 1Health and Safety, Security and General Law (COM1)

Understand the general concepts of law relevant to a property professional. It deals with the historical development of the law as well as current concepts, relevant statute and common law

Unit 2Legal Aspects of Letting and Management (RLPM2)

This covers the law specific to the letting and management of residential property, including law and legislation regarding granting, administration, financial management and termination of the various types of residential tenancies.

Unit 3Residential Property Letting Practice (RLPM3)

Learn how you should carry out the letting of a residential property, including one’s actions when dealing with landlords & tenants, and the appropriate practices adopted for taking client’s instructions, finding tenants and preparing appropriate documentation.

Unit 4Residential Property Management Practice (RLPM4)

This unit covers the management aspect of residential property, including dealing with repair & maintenance, appointing contractors related to residential properties, problems associated with managing residential properties and end of tenancy duties..

This is our first week, and we are quite excited! The online interactive webinars organised by MOL are both informative and challenging. The Workbook associated with the course is packed full of material to learn, review exercises and current legislation.

For example – Common Law is effectively all law that has not been enacted by Parliament. Any ideas who and when first developed Common Law?

It was The Normans after the conquest of 1066

For more information about our Lettings Department, simply give us a call on 01954 710 700 option 2, or send us an e-mail to

The department has been fully open throughout the Lockdown as we have all been able to work from home. We are receiving increasingly high numbers of enquiries from new tenants actively seeking a new home. We have also been able to assist our landlords and existing tenants throughout these difficult times with advice and guidelines from the government.

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