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As winter approaches, its important to understand how to keep your home FREE from MOULD

With cold weather comes condensation, which often makes your home damp, bringing with it the threat of mould.

Winter means that drying your laundry outside is very difficult, so drying it inside can be both expensive using a tumble drier and increase the risk of encouraging mould IF YOU DON’T KEEP YOUR HOME ADEQUATELY VENTILATED

Ensuring a Steady Flow of Fresh Air

With the increasing costs of utilities the last thing you will think about is opening a window and allow hot air to escape. However, Mould thrives in stagnant air. That’s why its so important to allow fresh air flow into your home as frequently as possible.

In the Winter months, this can be particularly difficult as it can be really cold outside. Instead of opening your windows all at once, try opening one at a time so that each room can be ventilated intermittently

Bathrooms and kitchens are prone to damp, so a window should always be open when they are in use.if possible, try and leave the door ajar or open to allow steam to escape. If you do have a mechanical extractor fan, always have it turned on when you are using the bathroom or kitchen, and let it run for a period of time when you have finished.

Clean with mould-killing products

If you do see mould appearing, its important to act quickly. It can spread so quickly. We recommend using a Mould remover, such as HG, Dettol, Zinsser, Astonish. Always follow the instructions.

Get an air purifier or dehumidifier

They have a whole host of benefits – cutting your laundry drying time by up to half, making your home feel warmer, and they can help with your sinuses, all the time they are keeping mould away

Drying clothes and towels

The biggest cause of mould is putting wet laundry directly on a radiator. The moisture is in direct contact with the wall, which creates mould issues. We recommend a free standing clothes airer placed in a well ventilated room


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