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The New Year is typically the time for resolutions and addressing fitness goals. Each month I will tackle a specific topic, as Health & Fitness is something we should all take seriously

Some of you may know from previous posts and charity events that I Trail run and have completed 4 Ultra Marathons. My journey started in January 2019! I was 55 and enjoyed many sports in my younger years. But, work commitments, enthusiasm (lack of!), and an aging body had caused me to become unfit and give no time to sport apart from watching it on Television.

So, I started one cold Monday night in January running my first 5 km around the streets of Godmanchester. The reality was I managed about half a km and had to stop. Walk a bit and then try again to run / jog another half km. That first 5km probably took 45 minutes in total. My heart rate peaked at 200 bpm!  Two weeks later I broke 30 minutes, and by the end of January I managed my first 10km.

I would advocate any form of exercise is better than none. Pick something that both interests you and something you think you can carry on throughout the year. Couch to 5km is one of the most popular targets with numerous apps you can download to give you motivation and a plan.

If running isn’t your thing, then here are a few suggestions: popular indoor activities include swimming, badminton, table tennis, racket ball, squash and bouldering. Spending time outside in Winter can be difficult but team sports such as rugby, hockey and football continue whatever the weather. Golf enthusiasts don’t take a break unless courses are unfit to play. And cycling has become so popular.

The last topic for this month’s edition is The GYM. It’s not my favourite place, but it offers a whole host of benefits: Cardio exercises, strength and weights, core fitness to name but a few. Camaraderie and friendships are formed with a healthy balance of support and competition. My recommendation is this – if you are new to going to the gym, either enrol in some classes or employ a personal trainer initially. If you don’t know what you are doing, then you’re going to get injured.

Looking after yourself in the workplace can often be difficult, but just a little planning can bring  benefits to your performance, mental health and looking after your body.

  • Eat healthy at lunch time – by either preparing yourself a balanced “pack-up” or buying a healthy option
  • Take regular breaks from your computer / desk – stretch your legs at least once an hour by standing up, taking a walk round the office, and resting your eyes from the screen
  • If your job involves a lot of driving, then take regular breaks and make sure you get out of your vehicle for a swift walk in the fresh air

Next month’s topics in detail will include insight from a running coach and from a personal trainer.

Please drop me a line with future topics that you would like included.

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