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Moving home is one of the most exciting things in life. You dream of settling in with a glass of bubbly, preparing a family roast in your new kitchen, and welcoming friends around for a house-warming party.

But consider how much there is to organise before you get there. There’s broadband to deal with, utilities to switch, insurance to arrange, and everything else; from Royal Mail redirects to setting up the TV license. It’s a list as long as your arm; so wouldn’t a helping hand be nice?

A Home Setup service is the perfect solution. It takes care of all the time-consuming admin, so you can reach the finish line without too much running around. Here are the five main reasons to choose one …

1. It saves you time

Moving home takes up an extraordinary amount of time. You’ve got to tell the council, the water board, your mobile phone company, the DVLA, and your media providers. In fact, you could end up talking to over 20 different parties, with each one taking 10 minutes or more. How many spare hours do you have when you’re already juggling work, the kids, or both? 

Research shows that 44% of movers spend up to three hours simply swapping their utilities. A Home Setup service therefore really lightens the load. And talking of loads, Just Move In can organise a reputable removals firm for you and arrange extra storage if needed

2. It’s a stress-buster

52% of people believe moving home is one of life’s most stressful events. In fact, 28% found it more stressful than having a baby, getting married, and taking their driving test. Why? Because so much can go wrong. If you forget your mail redirects, for example, your sensitive information could end up in the wrong hands. 

A Home Setup service removes this stress and gives you peace of mind. All your insurance policies will be updated, so you’re covered from the get-go. Plus, your broadband will be organised in advance so you can stream TV shows and work from home as soon as you move in. Nothing slips through our net. Not even your Internet.

3. You’ll save money

Many people settle for incumbent providers when they move. It’s just easier. However, utility providers can be a crafty lot. So much so, in fact, that they often automatically put new homeowners on the highest energy tariffs. Cheeky.  

Although you might be wise to this trick, switching to the cheapest provider isn’t necessarily the best option, either. Hidden charges are common and those eye-catching introductory rates don’t last forever. That’s why Just Move In go the extra mile to identify the best deal for you over the length of a contract.

What’s more, Just Move In are great at saving you money on the extra costs of moving home: cleaning bills, storage, and removals being the hard hitters. The latter can cost up to £2,500, so there’s plenty of scope to save you £££s.

4. You’ll get some pointers

Just Move In give every Home Setup customer a dedicated Move Specialist. This magic-maker pulls rabbits out of hats to save you time, money, and stress. But they do something else fantastic too: they guide you through the entire home-moving process, they tell you what to expect and when, and they direct you into the arms of providers you can trust. 

For example, your Move Specialist will hook you up with highly recommended companies with excellent customer support – ethical and responsible providers that actually care about you as well as offering good value tariffs. 

Your Move Specialist will therefore be your white knight: someone who sets you up for now and for the future. And they’ll make sure that your move runs smoothly from start to finish, so you don’t get distracted and leave behind the cat.

5. You’ll help the environment

Moving home is a great time to make positive changes. So Just Move In will get you started by choosing a brilliant green energy provider. It’s all the rage. Research shows that 66% of home movers are either ‘more likely’ or ‘very likely’ to use a service or utility company with ethical credentials.

What’s more, you’ll be helping us with our sustainability campaign. Just Move In will plant a new tree in Myanmar’s Mangrove forests – which can store up to five times more carbon than regular rainforests – for every new Home Setup customer.

The perfect setup

Using a Home Setup Service like that at Just Move In is therefore a great way to help yourself and the planet at the same time. It’s a quick and efficient way to save time, stress, and money. Plus you’ll feel calm, informed, and in control throughout the journey. 

So the next time you move home, treat yourself to a Home Setup service. It’s a great way to enjoy your dream home without the preceding nightmare of arduous admin.

Learn more today and you’ll be doing your bit to make the world a better place.

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Founder at Malcolms Estate Agents

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