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This is the first blog that I have written for a while, so I am going to do a mixture of a post to do with my 2nd time renting a property and how I feel renting benefits you.

So, in March my fiancée and I decided to move from our one bedroom flat above Greens Coffee Shop, which we were renting for £700 per calendar month. We moved into a lovely 2 bedroom house paying £850 per calendar month. The £150 price difference we felt was vindicated by us having an extra bedroom, garden, living space and garage.  This for us was an easy decision as we fell in love with the house after the first viewing.

The house is beautiful and the garden is very large. We also have an en block garage. Our perfect little home comprises of 2 bedrooms 3 built in wardrobes, 1 en suite and a bathroom. The downstairs space has a living room, a kitchen the full width of the house and an extremely large garden. Our landlord is amazing and very helpful if we need anything. For the price of the property we are very happy. Moving to a larger property gives us so much more space to grow whilst buying more furniture and decorative items has really made it feel like home.

Now you may say why would you want to rent a property and pay more money out when you could just stay at home and save a little more each month. Well the best thing I can say is you have a much bigger sense of freedom being alone without parents watching over you. Whilst we are paying out money each month paying someone else’s mortgage, we are still able to save for our wedding next year. Which I can tell you now is extremely expensive, but hopefully worth it.

Renting even a 1 bedroom house or flat would give you an amazing sense of feeling grown up. With a good paying job and steady relationship there would be nothing standing in your way. You will still be able to save for a deposit for a house or holiday, but you would get so much more back. The feeling of paying your own bills and buying your own shopping with food you like and want to eat is brilliant. Maybe one night you fancy pulling a movie or TV series all-nighter, well with your own rented property you could do this without being worried about keeping anyone awake.

Whilst one day we always dream of owning our own home for now we are just about settled renting and saving for our big day. Next year it will either be babies or a house, not sure which one will win just yet but I am sure if you carry on reading my blogs you’ll be sure to find out.

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