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 Our Guide to the Village of Toft




Everything you need to know about living in Toft.


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Why live in Toft?

The much sought after village of Toft is located in the south eastern corner of the county of Cambridgeshire, approximately 6 miles west of the City of Cambridge. Toft has two churches, St Andrews’ Parish Church and the Methodist Church, which under a covenant between the two, means they are collectively called “the Church in Toft”, sharing both social and religious events for the community. Read More...

The village has a combined Village Store and Post Office and a very active Social Club, which replaces the public house that was converted into a Chinese restaurant some years ago. There is a small recreation area recently equipped with activity equipment. The village has a surprisingly active social scene with regular coffee mornings, Brownies, Social Club and other similar activities. In the lead up to the Millennium, the village completed a project to refurbish the old school house, known as the Toft People’s Hall. This now offers excellent facilities and houses the Social Club. Comberton Village College on the outskirts of Comberton lies within Toft Parish Boundaries. There are a number of businesses within the village and there is a strong farming influence.


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