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To Video, Or Not To Video?

by Oct 6, 2015Market Trends

Why is there so much video content on the web now? Is it for the benefit of the user, or is it to boost search engine optimisation and click through rates??

… or is it just another “money making” opportunity for companies making films and videos?

What is a video

Wikipedia says it is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, payback, broadcasting and display of moving visual media. So, how much “moving media “ do we want to see. Depending on the content, surely we want to see a film, however long, with interesting, engaging information.

What does a video offer to a user

An easy way to gain information without having to read anything! Does video make us lazy? And does video make it easier for us to influence the user. Is the consumer demanding more video content from websites, or are web designers including video because its the latest “technology”.

Facebook is one of the largest websites, and they have made it very easy to share videos with friends an family.


… is the home of the video! You can find just about anything here. If you are looking for something on the web, most of us search through Google or YouTube. Videos and films are posted here of funny family stuff, product reviews, recipes, guides to locations across the world, films, sports, how to mend appliances and much more …

Newsletters and E-Mails

I subscribe to a number of newsletters and have noticed over the last few months that most of the content is now short videos. Now, some of this is great! I get to see last weeks goals on my phone and laptop, interviews from the stars of the game, offers from hotels, the latest news from property specialists. However, I do get bored and frustrated watching the typical stereotypical presenter telling me this weeks articles and news – I would rather read this type of content, but what do you think?

Property content – how are we using video

Most estate agents have the ability to upload some form of video to their own website and the big portals Rightmove and Zoopla. However, I have two questions. Firstly, does a property video help sell a home, and secondly, are these videos true videos or just static photos with music overlaid ?

There are very few full property videos. To produce a professional HD video costs £100s, which is only affordable if the vendor pays up front.

When you search through Rightmove and Zoopla, only a small proportion of listings include some sort of video. Does this mean estate agents are just slow to utilise this technology, or do we believe that videos will have a negative impact on generating viewings for our vendors and subsequently agreeing a sale. It is my firm belief that 80% of buyers know they want to buy the property within the first 30 seconds of a viewing. Its all about the ambience and atmosphere of the property. So, if we give up too much information on-line, will we prevent sales happening?

We have been using interactive floor plans for a number of years, and feel this has offered a great insight for the prospective buyer buying overlaying the photographs onto the floor plan.

Have a look at our interactive floor plans and video samples below, and let us know what you think and how you like to view property details.

Visit to have a look at our interactive floorpans.

Also, take a look at

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