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Why do I need Professional Photographs of my Property?

Professional photography requires thought, preparation and the right equipment. Remember, you pay an estate agent to present your home at its best to attract viewers and to ensure the best possible price. Instructing an estate agent who does not provide professional photography, as part of their standard service, could not only cost you a sale but cost you thousands of pounds.


Cars blocking the view!                                                                                 Caught in the mirror!

Cars parked in front of house
Photo of bathroom with man's reflection in mirror







Why are Photographs so Important?

It wasn’t long ago that the average property brochure consisted of a few pages of stapled typescript with a printed photo of the exterior of the property glued to the front. The printed brochures were picked up from the estate agent’s office during the viewing.

Fast forward a decade or so to the digital age and we have information coming at us from all directions. With the average person being exposed to 5,000 marketing messages every day, information overload is certainly a problem in this digital age. Our attention span is even shorter than ever and we no longer have the time to read a large amount of text. Instead, we scan small bundles of words, pictures and floorplans. We then make our decision based on those facts, some decisions as large as which house to buy.

Woman looking confused

The first things that buyers search for online are the price and number of bedrooms. This could generate over 100 results, depending on the search radius. To look at all of the properties’ descriptions, photos, floorplans and save it somewhere for later use is too much to ask. So buyers look for the one thing that catches their eye…..IMAGES.

A selection of professional property images, with the addition of a lifestyle shot or two, can have a powerful effect on a potential buyer. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so a quality array of property and lifestyle photos is key to capturing your buyers’ attention in a short space of time.


The Importance of Lifestyle Photographs

Balcony image with coffee on table

Photo credit:

Lifestyle photography is all about photographs that capture what it would really be like to live in the property. It’s important when marketing properties as it has a greater power than ordinary photos to create desire. In relation to the photograph above, this lifestyle photograph is more effective than an ordinary photo (ie. without the table and mugs on the balcony) as the cafetiere and mugs make people imagine waking up in the morning and going outside on the balcony for a leisurely cup of coffee. It’s an appealing idea which creates a desire in the person to own the property.

At Malcolms, as part of our standard marketing package your property will be professionally photographed, from inside to out. Property photographs will display the rooms and exterior to their maximum potential, coupled with lifestyle photographs of appealing features, such as a log fire, swimming pool, or an attractive walk in the locality, capturing the very lifestyle of your property to help people imagine living there.

Examples of our Lifestyle Photography

Dining table in kitchen

Kitchen with gas oven and table

Log burner with wood in basket

View of Godmanchester's Church and Chinese Bridge

How your house is photographed can really make a difference to both the length of time your house is on the market and the final price you achieve. Consequently, it is important to make sure that the estate agent you choose provides professional photography. Make sure that they can substantiate their claims of ‘professional’ photography: are they part of a certified organisation and have they had training? Also be aware that some estate agents may charge an additional cost to take professional photographs.

At Malcolms, we are certified members of the Property Photography Academy, all of our staff responsible for photography have attended an intensive training course and passed the subsequent exam.  Equipped with advanced photographic techniques and the latest photographic equipment, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding property photographs as part of a standard marketing package.

For more information about our professional photography please take a look at // .

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