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Remember, not everybody is a dog or cat-lover. So try not to be offended if we ask you to take your pet out. Viewers may not always be comfortable with the pet around, this may be due to fears, allergies and just plain dislikes. Some pet owners don’t even feel comfortable with other people’s pets.




I love animals and as a pet owner myself understand the struggles when selling your home. However, over the years of accompanied viewings it seems to me that the general public are not so enamoured by a house occupied by pets. So if you are thinking of selling maybe you need to resort to hiding the evidence of your beloved pet.




Pet Pongs

Bad smells and odours are a big turn off to a potential buyer. Pet food, cat litter trays and dog baskets need to be banished on the day of the viewing. Even a wet pet coming in from a walk on a rainy day may leave an unpleasant, lasting smell. Maybe think about using air fresheners, or have your carpets cleaned. Perhaps if you’re a busy bee, you could have a one-off deep clean or hire a cleaner for the time that your home is on the market. Either way, have an action plan prepared for viewings so it becomes a routine, and not a hassle.




Cat and House
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Caroline Kerr

Sales Manager at Malcolms Estate Agents
After 14 years in estate agency and 100's of viewings, I am frequently asked by sellers what can I do to make my house more saleable. I hope my blogs will provide useful advice and tips, that can easily be achieved, to help present your home at its best.

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