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First impressions really do count

by Jul 25, 2015House Doctor0 comments

6 Tips to Creating a Great First Impression

Before putting your house on the market take a few minutes to study the outside with a critical eye. ‘Kerb Appeal’ can be improved very simply  and for very little cost.

Our Top Tips below can help make your house stand out from other properties and attract potential buyers quickly.

clean windows

1) Clean Your Windows, Doors and Surrounds

Wash down your front door, windows and surrounds so that there are no cobwebs or debris visible. It’s surprising how much dirt builds up over time.

This gives the house a fresh look in a matter of minutes.

2) Paint Your Front Door

A splash of colour can give your house a new lease of life and creates an excellent first impression.

It draws potential buyers’ eye not only in photographs, but also when they first view your property.

Painted door with hanging basket
Pretty Pots

3) Buy some Flowers!

Hanging baskets, window boxes and potted plants are a quick and fairly inexpensive way to ‘pretty up’ any house.

Try choosing flowers that complement the colour of your door to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

4) Keep Pathways Clear and Clean

Make sure there are no over grown bushes that can make your house look messy from the exterior.

Brush those pesky pepples/shingle back into their place. To really make it sparkle, jet wash the path.

over grown path
Trim your Hedges

5) Cut the Grass and Trim Your Hedges

Make sure the front garden is neat and tidy; cut the lawn, weed the borders and trim that hedge.

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than freshly cut, weed free grass and a sharp hedged bush.

6) Paint Your Fence

If you have a fence with a gate give it a fresh coat of paint and oil the hinge to make sure the gate opens and closes with ease.

A creaky gate immediately suggests to potential buyers that the property is in need of some work.

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure you get it right first time!

The aim is to make your home bright and interesting, yet look low maintenance!

Lets get buyers excited before they even get in your house!

For further advice about how to ensure your house creates an excellent first impression please do not hesitate to call us on 01954 710700 (Cambourne Office) or 01480 447 457 (Huntingdon Office), or  drop into one of our offices. We would love to help you!

Caroline Kerr

Sales Manager at Malcolms Estate Agents
After 14 years in estate agency and 100's of viewings, I am frequently asked by sellers what can I do to make my house more saleable. I hope my blogs will provide useful advice and tips, that can easily be achieved, to help present your home at its best.

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