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What is happening in the property market this Autumn?

I promise not to mention the “B” word. There are several key elements to pay attention to this Autumn to make the most of your property whether you are selling or letting

This article will give brief suggestions and key pointers how to make the most of the autumn season

Sellers and Landlords can really increase the chances of finding buyers and tenants at optimal prices but quickly reviewing their marketing

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Make sure your photographs are current. Make the most of the autumn colour – it is a breathtaking time of the year as the season changes. If your property externally has not changed much, then take some pictures of the surrounding area. Colour will attract more hits and enquiries.

You can also bring Autumn inside your home. Dress your key rooms for photographs with Autumn in mind. Whether you use autumnal colours, or seasonal flowers, preparation will increase the number of viewings



The market is hugely price sensitive. If you want to achieve a sale before Christmas, will your current asking price attract a buyer? How competitive are you compared with similar properties? The market is difficult, but we are successfully selling properties every week.  Identifying your key selling features and then making the most of them is a skill we have in abundance.

The Letting market is similarly sensitive to price. Our advice is always to minimise those void periods, and being too optimistic on the asking price can often lead to an expensive void period


Never under-estimate the impact an accurate floorplan has on the marketing of your home. Our research indicates that more than 50% of buyers and tenants click on a floorplan before they even look at the pictures

In the first 3 days of marketing, your property will receive the majority of its “hits”. We never start marketing unless we have a floorplan available from the first day

A floorplan should stop any “waste of time” viewings – as a prospective buyer or tenant can easily see if the layout will suit their individual needs

Autumn Forecast – 4 weeks to make a difference

Don’t waste a minute. If you are serious about selling or letting, now is the time to act. There are plenty of buyers and tenants out there. We need to make the most of the next 4 weeks to attract them. So, lets act NOW


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